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homepage der Familie EMANUEL in Püttlingen

Long time ago that I am interested in the genealogy - an exiting hobby.

It is great to know: who was our ancestors (with all their troubles and joys), where they was coming from, how they was living and first of all (very important in the Saar area): what kind of relationship? Because: Into the Saarland everyone is acquainted with everyone or is acquainted to anyone who is acquainted with anyone!

grandparents Katharina and Peter EMANUEL             copyright: N. EMANUEL

The author (in his youth) with his parents (about 1952)              copyright: N. EMANUEL

Norbert at home with grand-father (about 1952)                          copyright: N. EMANUEL

and Mariette (about 1952) copyright: N. EMANUEL

My personal research areas are:

- the ancestors of our family- the descendants of Johann (Jean) (E)MANUEL (born about 1680), oil-miller from Buprich